32 Oral Care Peppermint Effervescent Mouthwash & Bad Breath Treatment

Wow! I ordered the Peppermint and what a blast of mouth freshness that is. I was just a bit suspect of the crystals but they dissolve so quickly and make your breath fresh for such a long time that I am really pleased. I have a job where I speak with members of the public A LOT and want to make the best impression possible.

With these convenient packets, I never have to worry and can refresh my breath for hours at any time.

Fish are doing better now

We have a small fish tank for education and sometimes the water, the fish and general maintenance do not seem to be all in sync. Even with filtration and aeration, the water was getting a little “aromatic” and the fish were no doing as well as they had been.

Doing a bit of research, I discovered this product and started to use it, following directions and all is well. I have a lot more confidence that I can keep it this way and the fish seem healthier which I trust gives them a better life too.

Gotta’ watch my weight

These days losing pounds or maintaining a good weight is not as easy as it used to be. I find that I am looking more holistically at my health and what I put into my body. I purchased this product to help me metabolize carbs and suppress my appetite or at least keep it fairly even throughout the day.

What and when I eat makes such a difference in my energy level that I try to keep it at a good rate an consistent throughout the day. Of course, I also try to get a decent amount of sleep and do drink lots of water.

I find that when I take these every day, I am less likely to snack or binge on things I should not eat.

In case of emergency (blankets)

I camp a lot and have a cabin in Maine that is off grid.  I try to be prepared in case I am caught without heat and have to spend some time waiting for heat (or rescue).  This 5-pack of mylar heat blankets and survival whistle are small and easy to store in the car, cabin or even a handbag. 

One could also use them as a reflective signal for locating help.