The Times They are A Changing

Many of you know that I left the Lighthouse Center last August (2021). I have been really busy with the brewery and making beer is GREAT and so is being the personality behind trivia and Karaoke with Erika. It’s a blast. I am finally making those dreams of being an entertainer a reality.

I hope to see you at an event soon.

Some more of what we make

Yep, that’s right.  Lots of items offered for sale at WebmavenNJ are actually hand made and crafted by family members and friends.  Local artisans are very important and we try to support them where we can.

  • Flemish Bowstrings
    • BCY or Brownell
    • Dacron and Fast Flight
    • Longbow or recurve
  • Custom Arrows
    • Cedar, aluminum, carbon
  • Woven Quivers
    • Handwoven with reed, leather insert included
    • Adult and child sizes available
  • Pocket Quivers (leather)
    • Belt loops stamped in or folded
  • Fur Silencers
    • Beaver or other fur
  • Armguards
    • All sizes
  • Fur Pelt Quivers
    • Dependent on fur available fox or coyote are the most popular
  • Trapper Baskets
    • Available in a variety of sizes and color
  • Leather Bow Tip Protectors
  • Leather Dressing & Waterproofer by Bee Free Botanicals
    • Made from mink oil, beeswax and pine pitch
  • Honey and bee products from Bee Free Botanicals


Welcome George Snyder, our favorite arrowsmith.  He’s building quite a bunch of traditional wood arrows in a variety of weights that can be ordered or picked up at Whittingham Traditional Shoot in April..

Arrows can be cut to length and tips installed for an additional charge.  They are all tapered Port Orford Cedar.

Need something special or custom, please let us know.