New Items coming up

We are really excited about some of the new products that are being developed and hope that you will be too.

Along with our custom back packs and baskets, the bee product line is expanding.  This year we will have a limited supply of honey available as well as Soothe Me Ointment for itches and our own Leather Dressing (conditioner and waterproofer).

Bee Free Botanicals

Soon the WebmavenNJ Line of pocket quivers, water bottle holders and leather bow tip protectors will be available for online purchase as well.  If you can’t wait, please email and we’ll move your request straight to the top of the list!

We have also started carrying the George G. Harris line of Wildlife Pins including fur bearers.  They are beautiful and a wonderful gift for yourself or others.

Used Bows for Sale

Just in and in great condition.  Just got the following bows in for sale:

  • $999 – ACS Long Bow
    70 inches, 38 pounds with a Safari Tuff Case
  • $745 – 3 Rivers Tomahawk Long Bow ~ Woodland Hunter
    64 inches, 45 pounds
  • $670 – Hummingbird Kingfisher by Ben Graham
    62 inches, 45 pounds
  • $310 – Wing Presentation II
    66 inches, 34 pounds
  • $285 – Bear Tartar
    66 inches, 36 pounds with factory sight
  • $285 – Bear Tartar
    66 inches, 38 pounds
  • $285 – Bear Polar
    66 inches, 35 pounds
  • $260 – Martin Hunter
    62 inches, 50 pounds

Bows will be available for inspection and sale (if still available) at Whittingham Traditional Shoot April 26-28, 2013).  All bows are as is.  Email us for additional information.

Wing Presentation II 66" 34#