Woodland Buck

Woodland Buck by Rinehart
With its head alert-forward, body frozen in semi-sneak position and eight-point antlers standing tall and strong, the new Rinehart Woodland Buck is just the ticket for true-to-life practice before heading into the field. Longlasting durability is ensured with Rinehartʼs newest innovative and strong Solid FX Foam™ technology completely molded from nose to tail with no fillers. And while Rinehartʼs newest Solid FX Foam ensures archers receive the best value for the price point, the core of the target is constructed of Rinehartʼs renowned solid ʻself-healingʼ foam — ensuring itʼll outlast even your longest, hardest practice session. Plus, like many of Rinehartʼs awardwinning targets, it features the companyʼs patented replaceable locking insert — once again saving archers time and money, without sacrificing quality of practice.

Simulated Wt. 100lb