Face and Body Paint Sticks – 9 Color Pack

Great product – I have tried several brand of cosmetic face paints and have previously had to wear some of the colors off instead of being able to wash my face and be back to normal at the end of the event or party.

These go on easily and wash off easily — the colors are vibrant and I had no sensitivity to them at all.  For me – definitely a win-win.

Dressing up for a party, I was even able to make up my grandchild to match my make up.  We had a blast and were both comfortable as well as colorful.

Love my grandkids artwork and this makes it easy

Ever since I became a grandmother, I have been covering my fridge and walls with artwork that my grand kids have produced.  Everything from photos to classwork to hand prints and more. 

We got together for the holidays to make something that will mean more to us as the years go on.  We have decorations that will give us enjoyment all year and some that we put away and will not look at until next year. 

I was able to do a project that included the 11 year old and the 3 year old.  We all had fun too. 

Tame those Hot Flashes naturally

I usually try homeopathic or natural remedies before I go to the chemical compounds of Western Medicine.  I know there is a time, place and use for both but was really pleasantly surprised to see how well and how  effective this menopause relief is. 

This is a natural supplement that you can have confidence in using to relief those night sweats and hot flashes — they are so uncomfortable.  I feel more like me these days. . . .and nights.

Squishies 15 pcs random pack [EXTRA Squishy] Super Cute Kawaii Animals

These are so cute and well — Squishie — that my granddaughter just loves them and they fit in so well with her Little People that she thinks they are their pets.  I love getting things that I can give her a little presents all year long and this is such a fun, economical and cute way to share a little something during baby sitting time.

These are just so cute.

Gyno-Burn Gynecomastia Pills Male Breast Reduction Burns Chest Fat

I ordered these for a friend who was a bit embarrassed to place the order.  I don’t think that he will feel that way the next time because he is very pleased with the results so far.  He is happy with the addition to his exercise routine and feels that he is getting rid of fat deposits in areas that he did not want them such as his chest. 

He is also confident in the fact that he is taking a product that is natural and unadulterated. 

Happy New Beer!

I got this to give to my son who is a brewer and enjoys his beer.  This makes is so easy for craft beer to be portable, cold and not watered down or too warm.

Colorful, fun and so easy to use. 

We have used the chilled rod to chill warm beer while on a picnic.  Just remember to take a sip before you insert.  You wouldn’t want to waste any beer.

Keeping myself online

Keeping all of my devices charged even when I am on vacation which is off-grid has always been something that I have had to plan for and take a variety of batteries, car chargers, wires, etc. 

This lessens the paraphernalia that I have to bring significantly.  It’s great and works well and packs well which is a real plus for me.

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door

I have a part time job that is out in the middle of the woods.  There are many critters that get into the buildings and cause havoc with the guests who love the woods and wildlife but just not that close to where they are sleeping.

Using efficient and economical traps works great for keeping people happy and our facility clean of unwanted critters.

What a great way to learn

Learning about the world and geography has never been my strong point but my grandson is going to find it a lot easier and fun by using the Tirotechs Scratch Off Map and learning about the world and how it changes. 

We have had a lot of fun and look forward to learning more about the world in an interactive and fun way.