Makes planning that much easier

I got these so that I could plan ahead some meals for my family to have on the nights I work.  Little did I know how handy they would be for a sick relative.  I can pre-pack some meals and freeze them so that they can be microwaved. 

These are great reusable dishes and I have had no issues with using them to freeze, defrost, cook and some times eat from!  Handy, handy, handy.  With a busy life, these meal containers help to make meal times less complicated and that’s a good thing!

Gonna make my life easier

Yes, it will make my life easier this Christmas since I will not have to crawl under the tree to check the water and make sure there is enough water. 

I couldn’t wait till Christmas to see if this was going to work — I tried it out on a small tree at my home to see if the watering system was going to work for me.  Wow!  I think that this may be the first year I am not worried my live tree will turn into a fire hazard since it will be so easy to keep it hydrated!

Getting the holiday spirit!

I ordered this beautiful Moravian Star to decorate my tree this holiday season.  I was a bit intimidated in putting it together but I was pleasantly surprised to find that once I followed the directions and started to put it together — it was really a satisfying and easier than I thought job.

This is a beautiful addition to my tree and I am sure that I will enjoy it for may years.  It’s lovely and I have it hanging in my living room to enjoy until my tree goes up.  I just could not wait to enjoy it.

Holy Moly what a lot of fun!

What a funny game.  I was not sure when I bought this whether the family would like it but it’s a blast.  No, literally, it’s a blast when the balloon pops.  The entire family enjoys this fast paced game that any one can play from the 3-year-old to the grandma.  We were laughing and playing pretty quickly. 

No one and yet everyone wants to wear the hat of shame!

6 ft Premium Washing Machine Hoses Set

Some folks might not get excited about washing machine hoses but when you get to be my age and do wash as often as I do, you do enjoy a product that is high quality, easy to work with and gets the job done. Color coded for hot and cold water and designed so that it will never burst.

Just because it is something we have to do, doesn’t mean we should overlook using good tools for the laundry.